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Ty Trehern is no stranger to difference.


In fact, it’s the concept of difference that fuels his latest musical effort, "Dear Dichotomy," a record filled with the highs and lows of inner emotions learning to co-exist and find their home within the mind of the alternative singer/songwriter. Channeling a wide variety of different influences and embracing his dynamic, high-energy style, Trehern creates something within his music that is as sonically fluid as it is personal, being dubbed "a fresh new voice of the New American South" by American Songwriter.


Led by singles The Air, Better Off, and Sleep, "Dear Dichotomy" debuted at #32 on the iTunes Alternative Charts, pushing the boundaries of what listeners have grown familiar with from Trehern, while remaining true to the identity established in his previous work on 2019's "The Sound."


"I began writing this record with the intention of being honest and vulnerable with myself and with anyone who chooses to listen to the stories that these songs tell," says Trehern on "Dear Dichotomy." "After over a year and a half of working tirelessly, we were able to create something from a genuine and personal place that does that kind of honesty and vulnerability justice. This album is the byproduct of navigating through different thoughts, feelings and emotions that I’ve experienced for quite some time now, all while exploring new parts of me that I didn’t know were there to begin with, and learning to find comfort in their coexistence."

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